Pre-Tournament Registration

2021 Miramar Soccer Cup & Showcase

Check-in will be directly with the referees prior to each game played

Date and time: At each game played

Location: At each game site your team is playing

Please bring with you to check-in before each game,the following

- 5 copies of your official roster
- Laminated player and coaches passes
- Guest players must be uploaded on the roster by your club registrar and you must include guest player forms. If a guest player is written in. Please bring the guest player form with you.


  1. Official State Roster (FYSA), US Club Roster, AYSO Roster or other National Organization Roster for clubs outside of Florida.
  2. All players have to be included on the roster.
  3. Guest players within the club have to be pre-printed on the roster. Only guest players from outside the club can be handwritten.
  4. Uniform jersey numbers are required for all players.
  5. All coach and bench staff personnel have to be on the roster.
  6. Player Passes for each player, coach, assistant coach, manager (Front Copy Single Version – Maximum 8 per page – No single passes accepted).
  7. Guest Player Forms signed by the borrowing club’s registrar for any guest players outside the club. 
  8. State Permission to Travel for all teams outside of Florida. This does not apply to US Club rosters.

We look forward to your team’s participation in the 2021 Miramar Soccer Cup & Showcase.





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